Day 50 – Kamiah, ID to Lewiston, ID

Along the side of the road, there have been lots of informational signs about the history of the area. I have been keeping an eye out for one about a rock from the Nez Perce creation myth, and Aidan was looking for one marking the place where Lewis and Clark stopped to build canoes after crossing the mountains. So of course each of us missed the one we were looking for, but saw the other one. 

Our gradual downhill continued, and we were able to pedal through the heat today, making it to Lewiston (elevation 745!) at about 2:00. The next couple hours were spent in a coffee shop, and then we started off to ride the 3.6 miles (easy, right?) to our hosts for the night. After about .5 miles, we started going up. And that continued for about 2 miles. Not the calm, graded uphills that we’ve gotten used to in these western states, but a seriously steep hill all the way! 

Jill and Justin were our hosts, and they instantly made us feel right at home. We met their three sweet dogs, got organized, showered, and settled in for dinner. They just kept pulling out more delicious food, and we just kept eating. Quinoa salad, ridiculously good Idaho potatoes with cheese, meat for Aidan, gluten free spaghetti and sauce, salad, and lots of fresh fruit! We were overjoyed and impressed. They even had dessert for us – ice creams with and without dairy! Thank you, Jill and Justin!

One thought on “Day 50 – Kamiah, ID to Lewiston, ID

  1. Wendy bratt August 8, 2016 / 12:50 am

    That hill sounded unexpected and grueling after the luxurious 99 mile downhill! Jill and Justin, THANK YOU for feeding our kids! It’s good it was only one night because we know Aidan has the potential to eat one out of house and home! Written by one who misses the opportunity to feed him, Wendy/Aidan’s mom


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