Day 21 – Wisconsin Rapids, WI to Arcadia, WI

We high-tailed it out of our campsite this morning, leaving with not too many more mosquito bites. It was raining a bit, so we pedaled off with flashing red lights  and ridiculously bright yellow rain coats. It stopped raining pretty quickly, but the temperature stayed relatively cool for the rest of the morning. Our average speed was 14.5 by lunchtime! The lack of a headwind was a wonderful change. 

We got to ride for awhile on a wooded road, around marshes and fields, and past lots of ATV trails. There was so much wildlife, and we could only imagine how many critters were hidden in the reeds. We saw a number of deer, two of which were quite startled when they noticed Aidan pedaling toward them. We’ve been so impressed lately with watching their graceful leaps through fields, white tails flashing. 

In order to make up for the unfortunate eating experiences of yesterday, we stopped in Black River Falls for lunch at a Mexican restaurant! Our waitress was pretty impressed with our appetites. 

We didn’t even tell her about our first lunch about an hour earlier…

Aidan got to play guitar in a pawn shop today, where he also learned the (somewhat disturbing, in my opinion) fact that he could legally buy a shotgun there. But despite that thrilling (to be read with sarcasm) prospect, a shotgun did not make the cut into the panniers. 

We spent the next couple hours in the town library, in comfy chairs in the quiet, air-conditioned room. We had a great interaction with one of the librarians, who took our photo in front of the fake fireplace to post to their library Facebook page! 

There was about a half hour of painfully hot biking after the library, but it was great from there on.  Our last snack break of the day came with a pretty pleasant view of Wisconsin hills and farmland!

We ate dinner in the park we’re camping in, avoiding a repeat of last night’s mosquito frenzy by cooking at the pavilion then pacing the playground with our bowls of pasta. 

2 thoughts on “Day 21 – Wisconsin Rapids, WI to Arcadia, WI

  1. Wendy Bratt July 8, 2016 / 6:44 pm

    Three weeks on the road today, adventurers ~ I eat up every word you write!


    • Marilyn bratt July 9, 2016 / 3:35 am

      Amazing heat here too! Cant imagine doing the miles you are doing in this heat! Rideon!


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