Day 17 – Stanton, MI to Benona, MI

This morning was some of the best biking of the trip. Our average speed went up from 11 or 12 mph to 13.5! It felt great to bike, and we hit 45 miles before stopping for lunch. Aidan would not have made it without his prized beef jerky and  Fritos.

Aidan here. Although we have seen quite a bit of wildlife (both dead and alive) along the way, this morning I had an especially great sighting. During our first bit of AM riding I noticed some movement by the edge of a corn field to my right. The field was still misty and the sun had just barely risen above the trees. I noticed the deer around the same moment that it noticed me. It darted into the tall corn but instead of going in the opposite direction it ran parallel. As I pedaled along, I could just make out its head above the corn at the apex of each bound. We moved alongside one another for a few seconds before he disappeared into the corn and I continued on the road. 

Clara again – We found a bookstore in Newaygo (lunch spot) and stopped in to buy Desert Solitaire (my dad’s favorite) because I had nearly completed Into The Wild.

We ended up spending a good amount of time just hanging out in that bookstore, Aidan reading about motorcycles and me reading Calvin and Hobbes: The Revenge of the Babysat. We were both pretty content. 

We bikes 95 miles today! Our relaxing day yesterday probably helped.  We were just about to set up camp on the beach on Lake Michigan when we met a great family who invited us to their house for showers and a place to stay! Our luck with finding amazing people on this trip is continuing! We ate pasta with veggies from our new friends, and feel so refreshed from our showers. It’s good to clean up every once in a while! 

2 thoughts on “Day 17 – Stanton, MI to Benona, MI

  1. Tom Powell July 4, 2016 / 5:02 pm

    Chris/dad gave you a good reading suggestion. Edward Abbey can pretty addictive with his descriptions, radical environmentalism, and fun plot lines. Reading his books is like eating popcorn, and visiting bookstores to reload is where you’ll meet interesting people, I’m guessing.

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  2. Cactus Chris. July 5, 2016 / 1:46 am

    There has been much debate about whether the jack rabbit experiment actually happened..and why Abbey put that anomaly in the book. Love.,,Serpents of Paradise, Havasu, Deadman at Grandview Point..heck, I love the whole dang book. Enjoy!

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