Day 16 – Ithaca, MI to Stanton, MI

We had an epic breakfast today. Fried eggs with cheese and sautéed onions, and sausage for Aidan. We polished off the entire dozen, and were very happy about it. 

The whole reason for stopping in Ithaca was the post office, which we completely forgot about until 10:45! Luckily we were just leaving then, and easily made it in time for me to pick up my new phone mount. 

We talked to a guy outside the post office, gave him our blog address, and he gave us money to treat us to dinner! Thanks Al from Ithaca! 

We took it easy today, biking about 30 miles to the town of Stanton, where we set up camp behind the library and took naps. That was great, except for the millions of ants that crawled all over us. One even bit me, but I guess that was just self-defense, because it was stuck in my shoe.  

Stanton is a pretty small town to begin with, but as it’s the Fourth of July weekend, most of the shops were closed. But we found cereal and cliff bars at the grocery store, so we’re happy! 

And we did go out for dinner tonight, at what I believe was one of two open restaurants in town. We lived up to our status as unshowered, stealth-camping, freegan wannabes at dinner when we delightedly plundered the 3/4 full pitcher of root beer from the next table over. It was a proud moment. 

I turned 19 today, and I can’t think of a better way to spend a birthday! A no-stress day with one of my best friends, sweet birthday messages from family and friends, lots of good food (I almost forgot to mention the post-dinner chocolate!)…another random and spontaneous day on the road!

12 thoughts on “Day 16 – Ithaca, MI to Stanton, MI

  1. Nancy July 2, 2016 / 11:35 pm

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARA!!!! I hope it is as wonderful and fun as you are!!

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  2. Nancy Vanderlin July 3, 2016 / 12:32 am

    Another random spontaneous day of sharing your friendly selves coast to coast! Happy birthday, Clara!!!


  3. Dino Furlan July 3, 2016 / 1:03 am

    Happy Birthday Clara!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Joanne Raguso July 3, 2016 / 1:23 am

    I just love your posts!! Had a great time with your mom, Aidan. She is a steady eddy biker. Very strong and smart. Glad you guys are having great days. Happy 19th to you Clara! A birthday you will surely remember forever. Take care guys. Happy biking. Stay safe. Joanne


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    • Dad July 3, 2016 / 2:02 am

      Total championship move with the root beer. Bravissimo!!! Happy Birthday and continued happy trails!

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  5. Jamie Kellogg July 3, 2016 / 6:33 am

    Happy birthday, Clara! I can’t believe your progress. You guys are killing it! Let me know if you’re aiming for Des Moines — I have a couple of places for you to stay.


  6. Gramp& else July 3, 2016 / 11:50 am

    Happy birthday Clara ….oh how I wish I was 19 again! Gramp BRATT


  7. Betty Dews July 3, 2016 / 1:56 pm

    Hi guys, it sounds like you’re having fun! Happy birthday Clara!


  8. Al July 4, 2016 / 12:36 am

    Happy Birthday Clara! Wow, over 1/2 way through MI! Enjoy the sand dunes on Lake Michigan at Silver Lake state park and the ferry to WI. Here’s an old adage that you guys are livin’ – “it is better to travel than to arrive.” Wishing you tail winds! Al

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  9. Laura/Mom July 4, 2016 / 1:31 am

    You two are inspiring kindness everywhere you go! ❤
    That root beer move was really impressive.
    Love, Mom/Laura


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