Day 3 – Franklin NH to Marlow NH

Our day had an exciting start when at 3 am we woke up to a police officer shining a light on the tent, asking why we were camping there. He must have been intimidated at first, because backup came a minute later. But they were really friendly, and once we explained our trip, we were given official permission to spend the rest of the night there. Unfortunately, it was never the right moment for a selfie, so you’ll just have to imagine us half asleep, chatting about biking and the Vermont Land Trust with two New Hampshire cops. 

It was an incredibly hot day, and since we had an end destination for the night, we powered through the heat.  

The maple syrup we got along the way played a key role in our success. And it was all worth it when we arrived at Kroka and got to swim in the pond and see everyone there!

Aidan left for a few hours to go to a concert with his parents and brother, and I ate dinner with all the Kroka summer staff. We even got to see Adam Marcinkowski who was extremely confused to walk into the kitchen and see me there – his expression made my day. 

It was so great to spend the night at Kroka base camp – one of our favorite places in the world. 

One thought on “Day 3 – Franklin NH to Marlow NH

  1. Laura/Mom June 21, 2016 / 1:23 pm

    You charmed the police! Ha ha ha!
    It’s so nice that you got to go to Kroka, too. And I can just picture Adam’s face!

    xoxo Laura/Mom


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